Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Unmet Expectations

unmet expectations are the bane of my existence. and the main contributing factor to this thorn in my life is (wait for it), is not even my own feelings of being below par but instead, my mother's. 
One would think that I'd be enough pain as it is after being rejected by all local universities despite working the hardest (this is seriously not an understatement I promise you and in no way am I belittling the efforts of all the other candidates) but no, she makes everything about herself. she self- proclaims having it the hardest cos OH YES she was the one who prepared and sat through the exams. I cannot put my agony into words but I hope I am understood by someone out there. It's getting so hard to get through each day, knowing that my years of education has boiled down to not being good enough to enter a local uni. If my own flesh and blood does not see my pain, I doubt anyone else bothers. No doubt, I am blessed with the most outstanding group of friends and I dont know how I would have survived my college days without them but sometimes, I just want some encouragement and praises from her. is that such an unspeakable thing to wish for? 
time heals, they say but that is absolute rubbish. time gives you the opportunity to bury it, never forgetting it and if you're reminded of it, it hits you like a crashing wave, over and over again. each time, you drown but still, you struggle to stay alive and the cycle repeats itself. it never ends does it? 
 sometimes I wish I'll just drown. then, the pain stops, the feeling of no being good enough is eliminated and hopefully then, I dont feel anything. what a haven that'd be huh?

Thursday, September 3, 2015

wow finally all the heavy content papers are over for prelims.
not that paper 3s and mcq are insignificant but still, I can have the sleep I want yesssss

also haha as a reward to myself, I am watching a korean drama now omg this is the first drama I have watched in months and boy do I not regret putting it off till after the bulk of prelims cos I am SO enjoying it!!!!

Titled, "Oh my Ghostess", it is indeed a captivating drama. My first impression of the drama was of that it would be remarkably similar to "Master's Sun" but these two are completely different. Albeit the fact that both lead female characters have the ability to see ghosts as well as be possessed by them, the rest are poles apart.

Also, a fan of cheesy love plots, I have to say that this drama caters to my love for it more than perfectly. Of course, what's a drama without some thrill right? I find this drama extremely entertaining to watch but as I am not done yet(I'm only at ep 6 haha) I will continue watching heehee.

Till then,

Saturday, August 29, 2015

back in a while

hello hello

I haven't posted anything in the longest time wow time flies. Can't wait to contnue watching my korean dramas and stop studying argh. currently preparing for my A levels sigh pie. as such,  will not be posting till it is over. but boy am I excited to continue blogging and basically ranting lol.

Till then, loves!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Arang and the Magistrate

Hi guys:)

As I mentioned in my previous post, I started on the Kdrama titled Arang and the Magistrate today. Currently on episode 8 now. I have to say it is a rather unique drama. The plot is very unlike the unrequited love or forbidden love which countless dramas tend to relate to. On the contrary, it revolves around this one spirit/ghost; Arang and the new appointed Magistrate of the town of Milyang who has a third eye or in other words, the new Magistrate can see ghosts. He is currently in search of his mother who by his knowledge so far had run away from home. He knows not why she did that and teams up with Arang to find out the story behind his mother's disappearance as well as he wishes to be reunited with his mother.

As of my knowledge(I'm only at ep 8), the only reason why he is joining forces with Arang(she is searching for the reason behind her death as she lost her memory upon death) is because the new magistrate is of the impression that both his mother's disappearance and Arang's death is somehow related to each other.

Not to mention the idea of death, the afterlife and the journey in between is rather poignantly and uniquely portrayed(well, so far at least)

Well, I can't wait to watch ep 8 so I'm signing off now.

Till next time my fellow kdrama lovers:)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another drama review

Just finished watching Nice Guy/Innocent Man.

Although the ending was a bit of a bummer for me, overall a good drama:)

Filled with lies, love, deceit and greed for authority and power, it is sure a drama that will keep you on the edge of your seats, no doubt.

So what are you waiting for? Watch now!

Following this, I will be watching Arang and the Magistrate as I heard it is good:)

Will start tmr as now it's 1.38am haha.

okok nites all you drama fans:)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Same Old, Same Old

Looks like I got my hopes too high up. I thought that our relationship was getting better somehow but in actual fact it wasn't.
You were just putting up a show. Acting all nice to me just because you wanted me to do something for you. How low can you get?!

And I really cannot fathom why you deem my enjoying to watch korean dramas as an addiction when you very ironically have no qualms whatsoever regarding your sons hooked on soccer. You're bloody prejudiced, that's what you are.

It's the freaking holidays so just leave me alone for crying out loud. As though it does not suffice having a bloody password on every electronic device in the house now you want to make noise everytime I manage to gain computer access. What is the bloody matter with you?!

So damn livid now. Shall stop now.

Till next time.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nonsensical Life of Mine

The disparity of the concept of a house and a home is especially prominent where my household is concerned. The manner in which the parents act and treat me is dependent upon the company we have in our house at that particular moment in time.

They are best at putting on a fantastic facade when we are in the company of guests. They are best at portraying this picture of a perfect loving family. Which is a far cry from the reality of the matter.

I am sick of this. I am sick of it all.

Can't wait to move out.

Till next time.